September 4, 2017

Unmet Medical Need

Antibiotic-resistant pathogens complicate the treatment of infections. Physicians need new active substances and alternative strategies against which germs cannot develop resistances.

Light is a powerful tool for understanding how microbes make us sick, how our body defends itself and how these processes can be influenced. It measures quickly, sensitively and without contact. Light contributes to understanding the causes of illnesses on a cellular level. Photonic technologies in combination with microfluidics, micro & nanotechnologies, biotechnology and molecular techniques will revolutionise diagnostics and companion diagnostics. Compact devices for fast and conclusive diagnosis of infections and new therapeutic approaches (e.g. with new anti-infective agents) are being researched and developed at the LPI.

The weapons in the fight against infections are becoming blunt. More and more pathogens are resistant to common medications. Photonics offers the potential for real breakthroughs in diagnostics and therapy.

Infectious diseases are among the world’s most frequent causes of death and also remain a threat in industrialised nations. Photo: CSCC Jena