Bundling competencies

For a high-performance center with charisma

The LPI builds upon the outstanding competencies of the Leibniz Association and, in Jena, on those of the University Hospital and the Friedrich Schiller University as well as the two Leibniz Institutes in the fields of photonic technologies and infection and drug research located here.

Furthermore, the LPI is based on numerous established research networks, DFG Collaborative Research Centers and BMBF-funded projects, such as the InfectoGnostics research campus. With these projects, the supporting institutions involve more than 150 German partners from academia and industry and have extensive international collaborations. The LPI sees itself as an open platform for users from Germany and abroad and aims to contribute to focusing and increasing the efficiency of research efforts in the field of infections. This will sustainably accelerate the translation of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Innovative solutions reach patients more quickly.