Revolution in Diagnosis and Therapy of Infectious Deseases

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Die Waffen im Kampf gegen Infektionen werden stumpf. Immer mehr Erreger sind gegenüber gängigen Medikamenten unempfindlich. Die Photonik bietet das Potential für echte Durchbrüche in Diagnostik und Therapie.

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Investments in national research infrastructures open to users are necessary prerequisites for accelerating translations.



As a platform open to users, the LPI provides a unique Europe-wide technology platform with highly-qualified personnel under the aegis of a university hospital.

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Kompetenzen bündeln

Das LPI bündelt die Expertise zahlreicher renommierter Akteure aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. Die Translation neuer Diagnose- und Therapieverfahren wird nachhaltig beschleunigt.

"The current situation is serious and untenable. There is a strong need for new classes of antimicrobials, vaccines, and diagnostics for infectious diseases."

Our Mission

Photonics: A sharp Weapon in the Fight against Infections

Antibiotic-resistant pathogens complicate the treatment of infections. Physicians need new active substances and alternative strategies against which germs cannot develop resistances.

Light is a powerful tool for understanding how microbes make us sick, how our body defends itself and how these processes can be influenced. It measures quickly, sensitively and without contact. Light contributes to understanding the causes of illnesses on a cellular level. Photonic technologies in combination with microfluidics, micro & nanotechnologies, biotechnology and molecular techniques will revolutionise diagnostics and companion diagnostics. Compact devices for fast and conclusive diagnosis of infections and new therapeutic approaches (e.g. with new anti-infective agents) are being researched and developed at the LPI.

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